Equality Card

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is an affiliate of EqualityCard®, which offers our supporters another great way to support our mission, with no additional out-of-pocket costs! 

EqualityCard® works like any other Visa creditcard, except that you can select us to receive 1% back from everything you spend on the card

When you sign up for EqualityCard® with our invitation code (2056) we will automatically be selected as the non-profit you'll support. PLUS - your use of the card generates a tax deduction for you when you select our organization to receive the 1%. 

There's no out of pocket costs to you, no fees to us, and no annual fee or balance transfer fees for you to use the card. It's a win-win, and we hope you'll consider signing up for EqualityCard® to help us generate additional revenue in the easiest way possible!