Art History from a Queer Perspective


Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is pleased to partner with Lehigh Carbon Community College to offer a for-credit course "Art History From a Queer Perspective" (ART 260) -- the course runs September 25 through December 4th at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. 

A survey of the history of painting, sculpture, and other art forms from ancient times to the 1960s (and into the present), though a series of chronological topics, with a focus on many works attributed to LGBTQ artists and themes that relate to the Queer community. This course also includes a basic presentation of terms used to describe and discuss art, best practices terms used to describe and discuss LGBTQ community artists and writers, along with discussions of key developments, techniques, and inventions that shaped the formation of art movements. Attention will be paid to the theory of “Coordinative Biography” that maintains that competent study of historical figures’ works cannot be separated from the circumstances of their lives, including their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Monday and Thursday Evenings - 6:30pm to 8:35pm Beginning Sept 25 - Ends December 4

TO TAKE THE COUSE FOR CREDIT:…/lwzkschd.P_lccc_SchedbyDept and search for ART 260.

No prerequisite

Required Text: Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting — Pre-owned editions my be used, please get this text before the first class. This text was selected for this course because it is readily available on Amazon and at other sources at low cost, because it is profusely illustrated and chronological, and because it is written from an individual perspective that is surprisingly liberated and accessible. Additional readings and resources available through the Internet will also be included to contrast the text. 

As long as the required number of regular College Credit students sign up for the course through LCCC, any additional person wishing to sit in on or audit any number of the classes may do so AT NO COST, and with no prior arrangement with the instructor.