Race, Resilience, and Representation: A Conversation with Local LGBTQ AAPI Leaders

[Image description: A rectangular graphic with a background of several colorful concentric circles that overlap along the sides. A white rectangular text box at the top has teal text that reads "Monday, May 10 at 7:00 PM ET" and "Race, Resilience, and Representation: A Conversation with Local LGBTQ AAPI Leaders." The center's logo is in the upper right corner of the text box. Below are circular headshots of the panelists. From left to right are Mohan Seshadri, Quynh-Mai Nguyen, and Stephen Jiwanmall. Each headshot has an accompanying teal rounded oval with their name and organization.]

May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Please join us on Monday, May 10, for a special conversation with local LGBTQ AAPI (Asian-American and Pacific Islander) leaders.


  • Mohan Seshadri (they/he) is the co-executive director of the Pennsylvania-based Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance.
  • Quynh-Mai Nguyen (she/her) is a graphic designer and a member of Philadelphia Asian & Queer (PAQ).
  • Stephen Jiwanmall (he/him) is the communications manager at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.

The conversation will tackle topics including the rise in violence targeting AAPI folx, sexual racism within the LGBTQ community, and the need for valid, positive representation, among other issues.

The conversation will premiere on the Facebook and YouTube pages of Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. Closed captioning will be available on YouTube.

May 10, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm

Will you come?