Accessibility at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center


At Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, we think accessibility is crucial in community spaces. We use the term "accessibility" to refer broadly to ways we are thinking expansively about ensuring access to our programs is equal to all LGBTQ+ people. We believe equity for all LGBTQ+ people means working to dismantle ableism in our spaces. We have a long way to go to be where we want to be and should be. We encourage community feedback as we continue the work.

What is the center doing?

This list is just to detail the actions we're taking. We want to and are working to do more. 

  • We offer many hybrid community groups
  • Through Zoom, we have closed-captioning on all our hybrid or virtual programs
  • We also work to support neurodivergent community members who attend all programs by providing information about group expectations, maintaining quiet areas where community members can go during events, and sensory toys.
  • Our Community Programs Team is trained on supporting community members with dementia 
  • We include image descriptions alongside all images and videos in social media posts
  • There is accessible parking available in the Community Parking Deck for the parking spaces closest to the elevator on each floor. The deck is directly adjacent to our community center. 
  • Lehigh Valley Pride includes live ASL interpretation of both stages, reserved seating at both stages for people with disabilities, accessible parking, accessible outdoor restrooms, and large-print programs.
  • Unfortunately, the front entrance to our building is not wheelchair accessible, however our side entrance (on Bayard Rustin Way) is.
  • We also have an accessibility committee that meets to continue conversations about accessibility and work towards generating tangible progress for the center.

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibly Committee is a group of staff, volunteers, and community members who meets to discuss accessibly issues and work towards solutions. The group meets quarterly. The chair of the Accessibility Committee is Robin Gow. The chair of the committee has a year-long term. Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend committee meetings or attend on meeting to discuss a specific question or concern.

Current Areas We're Discussing in Committee

  • Spanish Language Inclusion 
  • Entrance Accessibility

Have a question or concern?
Share thoughts anonymously, fill out a response via this form.
Responses from the form are shared at the committee meeting for discussion.