Reilly Callahan's 12 Days of Giving Page

As I look back on the past two years, I see the beauty and power of community. When travel restrictions tightened, we learned how to use Zoom in order to stay connected. When many of us struggled in quarantine, communities began publicly talking about mental health in ways we hadn't before. When the odds were against us, love found a way.

No matter what 2022 brings, the power of our community will prevail. Today, I ask you to help Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center enter the new year on the right foot. During the last 12 days of 2021, Bradbury-Sullivan Center needs to raise $36,000 in order to continue providing exactly what our LGBTQ+ community needs. 

I ask you to imagine how you will support your community in the new year, and what kind of a future you will create. Your donation, big or small, helps foster a future where...

  1. Black transgender women feel safe in their communities
  2. LGBTQ+ people no longer worry about discrimination in housing, employment, or public accommodations
  3. Queer history is part of mainstream media and public education
  4. People living with HIV/AIDS can access affordable, judgment-free care
  5. Queer youth have access to a safe, supportive, and brave space to learn, play, and be themselves

With your generous end-of-year gift, we are one step closer to this future - to a world where LGBTQ+ people are healthy, supported, and respected. This future starts today with your donation. 

Love, Reilly




P.S. When you sign up for monthly donations, you help us reach our goal AND you allow us to sustain these programs for all the futures to come!

GOAL: $1,000.00

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