Diabetes Prevention

According to our 2015 Needs Assessment, 80% of the Pennsylvania LGBT community doesn't meet the CDC-recommended exercise guidelines of 150 minutes each week. Healthy eating and active living can help to prevent Type II Diabetes. The CDC also recommends 2.5 servings of vegetables per day, but 65% of the Lehigh Valley LGBT community is consuming two or fewer servings of vegetables per day. However 63.7% of the local LGBT community say they are interested in healthy eating strategies.

Eating Vegetables

To encourage LGBT community members to eat more vegetables, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center has developed a partnership with Crooked Row Farm, a woman-owned certified-organic farm in New Tripoli, PA. Crooked Row Farm grows more than 40 different vegetables at their Lehigh County farm. Community members can sign up for a full or half share in their CSA (community-supported agriculture) and then pick up their vegetables each week at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center throughout the farm season. For the 22-week farm season in 2019, a half share costs $350 and a full share costs $550. 

To sign up for the CSA, contact Liz Wagner at liz.m.wagner@gmail.com or 610-417-6982

Promoting Exercise

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center launched a postcard campaign and partnered with La Ola Radio to develop a Spanish-language PSA to promote exercise in the LGBT community.

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