Dominique Carter Fundraising Campaign

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I have had the incredible opportunity to intern at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center this semester! This has been such a rewarding experience knowing exactly where and how my contribution of time and effort is being used. Through this experience as an intern, I have been able to see the importance of education on LGBT issues for educators, health professionals, and other non profits that serve LGBT people. I've been really excited about the Center's programs, including their non-judgy HIV testing every other week, the variety of support groups that are offered for individuals and families, and the LGBT library with its 2200 volume collection. I've appreciated the Center's commitment to health through their distribution of free condoms and their medical marijuana enrollment events. 

During my internship, I've researched information that has informed the trainings that the Center offers and prepared for my own presentation on lesbian blues singers that I'll be delivering in May at the Center!

I hope that by my graduation on May 24th that I will have raised $1000 for Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center to support exciting programs and trainings like the ones I've been working on! And I'm asking my friends to help!

Of course your donation is tax-deductible, but that's not why you should give. Give because you agree with me that the programs and trainings offered by Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center play a significant and important role in improving the experiences of LGBT people throughout the Lehigh Valley. 

Thank You!


GOAL: $1,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.