Free HIV/STI Testing

As the health and safety of our center's visitors are our highest priority, our free HIV/STI supportive service is not meeting at this time. However, as we still encourage HIV/STI testing for anyone engaging in higher-risk sexual behavior, below you find more information on where and how you can get tested during this time. For further questions, please contact Reilly at

One of the challenges for LGBT people with HIV/STI testing is finding a nonjudgmental place to get tested during times of COVID-19. Some helpful resources are included below.


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HIV and COVID Update:

How is COVID-19 spread? Can the COVID-19 be spread through sex? Research to date has found that the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can be shed through feces and semen. What does this mean for a person living with HIV? How can you best protect yourself and others? For answers and more information, please visit this site.

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HIV/STI testing services are funded by the Gamma Mu Foundation.


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