Queer Galleries

Our Queer Galleries host art exhibits that celebrate LGBTQ+ artists and LGBTQ-themed art.
Exhibits are professionally curated and each exhibit includes an artist reception. We also host exhibits that bring LGBTQ+ history to life - featuring materials from the Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive, or hosted in partnership with external organizations. 

[Image description: A black and white piece of artwork from the artist is the background image. It features a person in armor, with a moon with rays coming from it with a person crying in the center. A black angled bar is present to the left and right of the design. This is where the title of the show, artist names, dates and times are located"

Arta Through the Lookinglass

December 13, 2023 - January 29, 2024

By Art Brito (she/they)

Reception: December 14, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Reception activities will include 1 hour DJ set performance by DJ Hypatia (@hypatiasophia93). To see more of the artist's work, please visit their Instagram @artabrito. 

Past art exhibits have featured artwork from:

  • Mariette Pathy Allen
  • Richard Begbie
  • Lester Blum
  • Liz Bradbury
  • Jacinta Bunnell
  • Grayson Colbert
  • Hubert Davis
  • Ron De Long
  • Will Doughty
  • Joe Dulude II
  • Kailey Goodnuff
  • Andrew Sedgwick Guth
  • Andi Grunberg
  • Ana M. Hamilton
  • Britni Houser
  • Katie Hovencamp
  • Will Hübscher
  • Arin Jayes
  • Chyanne Kemp
  • Eric Lesh
  • Rebecca Levi
  • Gabriel Martinez
  • Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado
  • Craig Matis
  • Jillian McLuhan
  • Katie Molinaro
  • Michelle Morgan
  • Kara Mshinda
  • Courtney Natt
  • Jane S. Noel
  • Cupid Ojala
  • Esther Maria Pagan
  • JJ Quinn
  • Vladimir Rios
  • Cynthia Rodriguez
  • Richard Rosato
  • Gerald Simcoe
  • Aiden Siobhan
  • Anthony Smith Jr.
  • Andrew Tomasino
  • Jay Echevarria and Tylor Sky

Past history exhibits have included:

  • Pride Guides and the Early Years of Lehigh Valley Pride
  • Secret Symphony: Gay Composers of Classical Music
  • The Long Road to LGBTQ Equality in Pennsylvania
  • Trans Stories Project by Eastern PA Trans Equity Project
  • Pride in Print: Moving Above Ground and Embracing Our Gaydar
  • Amending Allentown: The 40+ Year Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights