Health and Humor: A Chat with Comedian Karen Williams About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Join us for a special Pride Month event, featuring lesbian comic and humor educator Karen Williams.

Kimberly Levitt, M.P.H., D.H.S., our health programs and supportive services manager, sits down with Karen (virtually) to chat about the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine -- all while mixing in a bit of humor.

Karen is the founder and CEO of HaHA Institute, which encourages the fullest and highest activation of human potential for compassion, wisdom, and life force through the daily use of humor and healing arts, which includes stress management, nutrition, exercise, massage and healing touch, aromatherapy, and spiritual practices.

Listen as they talk about the impact of the pandemic on the comedy scene, the value of being vaccinated, and the need to get credible medical advice.

The conversation will premiere on Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center's Facebook and YouTube pages. Closed captioning will be available on YouTube:

June 25, 2021 at 7:00pm - 7:30pm

Will you come?