PowerON Allentown


PowerON Allentown provides opportunities for LGBT youth program participants at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center to earn technology that they can keep. In our current times, access to technology is no longer a luxury. For many LGBT youth, technology is a lifeline. Access to technology can help LGBT youth build vital social networks, achieve greater academic success, apply for jobs or college, and access resources they need to thrive.

Through PowerON Allentown, LGBT youth program participants can earn solar chargers, USB drives, mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, and desktop computers. Earning technology occurs through participation in program activities and participation in youth leadership opportunities. 

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is able to accept corporate technology donations, which will be securely wiped clean by Human I-T and then refurbished and provided to LGBT youth in one of the 5 PowerON locations, including Allentown. For more information please contact Matt [email protected].

PowerON Allentown is a made possible through national support from LGBT Tech, Human I-T, The Trevor Project, and Straight But Not Narrow. 



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