Pride Pageant

Since 2001, drag performers have been crowned in Allentown as King and Queen of Pride. The pride pageant is a celebration of drag as an inherently queer cultural art form and is an opportunity for local drag performers to compete for a title in the community where they live. Current reigning title holders raise funds and volunteer to support pride programs at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center throughout the year. They also serve on the planning committees for pride programs during their reign. 


Current King and Queen of Pride:

2018 Queen of Pride LaTonga Manchez: 

2018 King of Pride Leo Monroe:


Former title holders:

Year Queens: Kings:
2001 Kitty Mame Deitrich Renegade
2002 Jazman Star Simmer
2003 Sylvia Silverberg Sabastian
2004 Tequila Daniels Apollo
2005 Maya Cruz Apollo (No Pageant This Year)
2006 Anyae Petal Apollo (No Pageant This Year)
2007 Alexis Givenchy (No Pageant This Year)
2008 The Lady Shitara (No Pageant This Year)
2009 Amilian D’Luxious (No Pageant This Year)
2010 Amilian D’Luxious (No Pageant This Year) (No Pageant This Year)
2011 Amilian D’Luxious (No Pageant This Year) (No Pageant This Year)
2012 Kiki DonDiva Daddy Love
2013 Diana Morgan Casey
2014 Trixxie Deflaire (Honorary Queen: Gisselle) Draco
2015 Katrina Escalarza Bear
2016 Vanity Unfair Dante Inferno
2017 Eileen O’Brennan Robyn Dick Pixxx
2018 LaTonga Manchez Leo Monroe



*photo's by Barb N Kathy Wilt-McCrickerd, BJKJ Illusions