Queer Galleries Reception: between you and me by Rei Ukon

[Image description: The graphic includes images of the artist's work throughout the background. A white angular bar sit in the middle. The title text, "between you and me" by Rei Ukon (he/they), as well as the dates and address are included. The Queer Galleries logo sits to the top and the Bradbury-Sullivan Center logo is to the bottom left.]

Our Queer Galleries host art exhibits that celebrate LGBTQ+ artists and LGBTQ-themed art. Exhibits are professionally curated and each exhibit includes an artist reception. We also host exhibits that bring LGBTQ+ history to life - featuring materials from the Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive, or hosted in partnership with external organizations.

Please visit our Center anytime during our hours of operation to experience our gallery spaces, and join us on May 18th from 6-8 pm for the artist reception of Rei Ukon's "Between You and Me" exhibition! There will be vegan & gluten free food and refreshments. For more information about the exhibition email [email protected].


Rei Ukon uses washi paper, fabric, glass beads, and other textures and intertwines them to portray queer existence and spiritual fantasy. Blurring dreams and reality, memory and present, childhood and adulthood, his self is reflected in these liminal spaces, and it is in these crevices where his deepest emotions reverberate the most. 


Colorful and textured scenes express Rei’s emotional memory in planes where love pours out of palms in the form of pearls and the sky glimmers through tiny glass beads. Trimmings of old baby clothes, childhood photos, and pressed flowers suggest a nostalgic atmosphere throughout Rei’s work. between you and me is a recounting of fragile memories, and a record of transitions and new beginnings. Rei’s collaged world is an expression of love, gratitude, grief, and reverence. His scenes beckon reflection and invite you to immerse yourself between your own folds of memories.