Social Media

[Image description: A rectangular graphic with a white background and opaque purple Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center logos. Purple text reads "@BSCLehighValley" and "Connect with us!" Below are purple circular icons representing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Meetup, respectively. To the left is a larger circle with a gradient yellow, purple, and green background and the full Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center logo inside. Below are fading horizontal intersectional Pride stripes. Underneath is a purple text banner with white text that reads ""]

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center values safe, supportive, inclusive, and informative community engagement in both physical and virtual spaces. Our center’s presence extends beyond the doors of our building. We engage with thousands of community members online, especially through our social media accounts. Whether you interact in person or online, we strive to prioritize your safety (both physical and emotional) to the highest extent possible.

As a community center that serves the public, our social media accounts are also public. That means that content shared on these accounts can be seen and shared by anyone, and comments left on posts may also be viewed publicly.

When choosing to engage on our social media accounts, consider what you say and share, since we cannot guarantee privacy. This also means that we are only responsible for our own views -- and not of those expressed by others.

Comments on posts should be relevant to the content. Promotional material (aside from sponsor-related content posted by the center) will not be permitted, and the center reserves the right to delete such comments and may ban users if needed. (Anyone interested in discussing sponsor-related content should email [email protected].)

Whenever you post, comment, or reply to content on our accounts, please be respectful. We welcome constructive criticism and differing opinions, but we do not tolerate harassment, abuse, and threats to any community member(s).

Content that hatefully targets or ridicules people or communities based on their race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, religion, and/or disability status will not be allowed. As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, we do not permit partisan content on our social media page. If the content is partisan or is in poor taste, it will be hidden and may include a reply from the center referring to our community guidelines on social media. If the content is blatantly offensive, misleading, inappropriate, and/or inaccurate, it will be removed, and users may be banned.

Content posted on our social media accounts should be original or credited (with permission) from its rightful owners. By posting on Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center’s social media pages, you grant the center the right to use or share your content.