A Space for Aces

[Image description: A heart in the colors of the asexual flag (black, gray, white, and purple) and a spade in the colors if the aromantic flag (greens, white, gray, and black). Accompanying text reads "A Space for Aces, a community group for asexual and aromantic people."]

This group now meets VIRTUALLY on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Eastern. In order to participate, please email [email protected]

"A Space for Aces" is a casual, drop-in community discussion group for asexual, graysexual, demisexual, and aromantic folks, as well as anyone who finds themselves under the umbrella of asexuality.

Live closed captioning is available.

As the health and safety of our center's visitors are our highest priority, this program is now held remotely. To read more about the LGBTQ+ community and COVID-19, click here. To learn more about our supportive services, contact [email protected].

You are welcome to schedule a one-on-one phone call, Zoom, or in-person meeting with Robin, the Supportive Services Coordinator, if that would help you feel more comfortable attending the group. You can also just reach out via email to ask questions or introduce yourself.


  • Meetings start with introductions (name/pronouns)
  • The facilitator will then bring up a topic for discussion and group members will have the opportunity to reflect and share about the topic. Sometimes the facilitators and group members will ask questions to help guide the discussion.
  • There is never a requirement to share or talk. You’re welcome to enjoy the community space however it's best for you. If you want to let the facilitators know beforehand that you won't be participating by talking, you can either message a facilitator on Zoom (Scott, Cathy, or Sam)  email [email protected] beforehand.
  • Often times members will come to ask questions or reflect on shared experiences and other members will share knowledge and feedback with each other.

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