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As the calendar year draws to a close, it's hard to think of anything but heading home to family to enjoy a good home-cooked meal. And a new year always brings resolutions of how we can be even better versions of ourselves.

For many of us in the Lehigh Valley, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center feels like home--a place where the people you love gather to celebrate a shared journey. For the low-income kids in our youth program, the Center is where they enjoy the most satisfying and nutritious meals of their week. For anyone in our community who feels lost or lonely, the Center is a place where they can find the inspiration and support to live as the best and truest version of themselves. 

We need to raise $12,000 from individuals in the final 12 days of 2019. We are calling this our "12 days of giving" and I'm asking you -- one of my close friends -- if you can participate with a donation of $85 or more.

I hope that each of you are happy and healthy as you approach a promising new year. And I hope that, if you can, you'll consider making a gift of $85 to Bradbury-Sullivan this December. Your gift will support arts and cultural events that bring joy to our neighbors. Your gift will fuel health programs that ensure the needs of LGBTQ people are recognized and responded to. And as we head into 2020, your gift will contribute to advocacy work that pursues the promise of continued progress for the LGBTQ community.

Thank you for your love and support!


P.S. If your employer matches charitable donations, please don't forget to let them know about your gift as well!

$360.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00

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