That Ass Tho!


If you bottom, protect your bottomTM
schedule an anal Pap test to screen for anal cancer

That Ass Tho!TM is Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center's campaign to increase anal cancer screening rates in the Lehigh Valley.

Screening is offered in Eastern Pennsylvania at:


Allentown Women's Center: (484) 821-0821
Full-service sexual and reproductive health clinic for people of all genders located in Bethlehem, PA

Novus ACS: (610) 867-5365 [only available for primary-care clients at Novus]
LGBT-owned and operated primary care clinic located in Bethlehem, PA


Mazzoni Center: (215) 563-0658

Anal Pap tests are typically covered by insurance through Independence Blue Cross and through Medical Assistance in Pennsylvania. 


Prevalence of anal cancer is 34 times more common among men who have sex with men compared to the majority population1. However, anal cancer is rarely discussed and even more sparsely addressed. The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation identifies several risk factors for Anal Cancer, including HPV, which is widely understood to be sexually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, including during anal sex with or without condom usage. Receptive partners during anal sex and anyone with a weakened immune system, including people who are HIV+ are at increased risk for anal cancer2


There is a growing awareness of the need for anal Pap tests. 70% of all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV4, and in Pennsylvania 90% of Pennsylvania women have had a cervical Pap test during their lifetime. However, 95% of anal cancer diagnoses are the result of HPV4 and only 8.9% of gay and bisexual men and 11% of Transgender people in the Lehigh Valley have ever had an anal Pap test. Stunningly, just one in four people who are HIV+ in the Lehigh Valley has ever had an anal Pap test.3


There are numerous barriers in place. Most clinicians have not received training on anal Pap tests and most don't ask their patients if they need one. Further, anal Pap tests are not covered as a preventative screening by the primary health insurers in the Lehigh Valley. 


That Ass Tho!TM is an evidenced-based campaign to increase anal Pap testing among gay and bisexual men in the Lehigh Valley, to increase access to anal Pap tests by encouraging more clinicians to receive training, and to expand insurance coverage for anal Pap tests as a preventative screening.

Photography: Andrew Tomasino
Graphic Design: DL Bram Design

That Ass Tho!TM was produced by Adrian Shanker, Executive Director of Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, with funding from George Washington University's LGBT Health Policy & Practice Graduate Certificate Program. 

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