Vendor Registration and Payment: 2021 Lehigh Valley Pride


With the exception of food vendors, we have now sold out of spaces at Lehigh Valley Pride 2021!


Please join our waiting list in case anything opens up by filling out this google form:




  • ALL VENDORS MUST BRING THEIR OWN TENT (Reminder: Vendors must bring weights to secure their tents. Unsecured tents will not be allowed.
  • Small Non-Profit Informational Booth-:
  •  for 501c3 non-profit organizations with annual budgets less than $100,000 
  • Non-Profit Discount for INFORMATIONAL BOOTHS only!
    •  Proof of annual budget and charitable status is required and must be submitted with physical application submission. Discounted rate is not available to political candidates of any party, partisan organizations, 501c4 non-profits, independent expenditure organizations, or political action committees. *Only one discounted booth is permitted per organization. A second booth space can be purchased at the full informational booth pricing.
  • LGBT Artist Promenade Vendor Opportunities
    • 10’ x 10’- A limited number of artist booths are available in the Artist Promenade for LGBT-identified artists and LGBT-themed art. Photographs, description of your work, and a one-paragraph artist statement required for consideration and must be submitted with physical application.


  • 10’ x 10’ Retail Booth - $200* 
    • Licensing: All retail vendors must obtain appropriate business license(s) to conduct sales from the City of Allentown (Phone: 610-437-7507). The form to submit can be found at the following link:
    • These licenses must be produced upon demand. Without the appropriate licensing and documentation, a vendor will be asked to leave the festival. All vendor fees are non-refundable.
  • 10’ x 10’ Informational Booth - $150*
  • 10’ x 10’ Small Non-Profit Informational Booth - $75*
  • 10’ x 10’  Artist Booth- $150*
  • Food Vendor $350- ($300 fee and a $50 refundable security deposit)
    • Running water is available for food vendors. However, it is the responsibility of the vendor to provide all hose(s), fittings, and a minimum of two weeks notice of need for water access. All food vendors are required to provide a copy of their Temporary Food Service Establishment License from the Department of Health in Allentown (Phone: 610-437-7760). The application for a Temporary Food Service Establishment License can be found here:

      Any food vendor application without the necessary license will be rejected. Every food vendor is required to comply with all health regulations. If a vendor does not comply or if they do not pass their health inspection, they will be asked to leave the festival and forfeit all vendor fees including the deposit. Insurance certificates are required to be provided by all food vendors. The certificates shall be for at least $1,000,000 minimum general liability coverage, naming Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, and its officers as additionally insured. Food vendors are required to pay a $50 refundable Security Deposit. This payment should be made in a separate check enclosed with the application and will be returned within 60 days following the event based on vendor compliance with all terms of this contract. Any fines or penalties incurred from health and safety regulations will be deducted from your deposit. Our Food Court is proudly sponsored by The Allentown Farmers Market. As part of our sponsorship agreement, no other vendors may sell the following foods/beverages: Sausage, Lemonade, and/or Funnel Cakes, and Coffee.


Late Fees:

Vendor payment and application deadline is July 1st, 2021 end of business day. Any submissions after this date will result in late fees

  • Informational Booth- $175 (includes base rate of $150 + $25 LATE FEE)
  • Table and chairs not available for late applicants
  • Retail Booth: $225 (Includes base rate of $200 + $25 LATE FEE)
  • Food Vendor: $375 (Includes base rate of $300 + $50 Deposit + $25 LATE FEE)
  • Food Vendor $50 security deposit is refundable and reimbursed a few weeks after the festival

After Purchasing your booth space you will receive an email with a google form link. You MUST complete this form to finalize your reservation!

If you would like to pay by check, you may schedule a drop off with Ariel Torres, Pride Programs Manager at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. Once a check is dropped off you will be added to our vendor list as long as spaces are available. Once the check is received and space is confirmed you will be emailed back at the email address you provide when dropping off the check to complete our online form and continue the next steps to complete your vendor registration process.

August 15, 2021 at 12:00pm - 6pm
JCC of the Lehigh Valley
Ariel Torres · · 6103479988
Sorry, this event is sold out.