LGBT Team in the Women's 5K Classic


24th Annual Women’s 5K Classic 

Join Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center’s Women’s 5k Classic Walk or Run Team to fight breast and other women’s cancers

Race events begin at 9am, please be there to park earlier - look for Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center sign sticking up on a pole to find the team gathering place, a team “equipment manager” will sit at the table to watch our stuff and jackets as we race.

To Register for the 5K team:
1. Go to
2. Click on register — then click on “Individual and non-team registration”
3. Log-in using your email address as a guest
4. Select “walk” as you registration choice (some people may select “run” - but for fast or slow walking select “walk”)
5. Fill in info, and agree to the waiver
6. Go to Team Selection, click “join an existing team” and then type in caps: 
BRADBURY-SULLIVAN LGBT CENTER, when the team does up, click the box next to it. 
7. Fill in your address & contact info.
8. Select T-shirt size, follow steps to pay, and check-out
9. Email us that you’re on the team: [email protected] so we can send you further information. We will forward your team member information to Team Captain Anne Huey.

After the race join the team for a fabulous (free) brunch at the home of Trish Sullivan and Liz Bradbury at 427 1/2 N. 9th Street, Allentown (between Liberty and Gordon Streets) - park anywhere on the street.

October 01, 2016 at 9:00am - 1pm
Lehigh Parkway
Liz Bradbury ·