Pennsylvania Diversity Network's team at the Lehigh Valley Women's 5k

w5k.jpgPA Diversity Network fields a team of walkers, even sometimes runners, in the annual Lehigh Valley Women's 5k Classic, which helps educate, support and prevent female cancers! This team is an opportunity for the LGBT community to make a witness for women’s health simply by going out for a walk with about 7,000 of our closest friends.  There are all levels of participation – walk in the park ( a stroll), competitive walk, competitive run – details are on the race website so you can choose the event that is right for you.
An extra benefit for our team is that PDN Board President Trish Sullivan makes us an amazing post-race brunch (that includes vegan items) for all the team participants.
So go the the race website now and sign up.  We invite you to sign up on our team: PA Diversity Network.  Then send me an email to let me know you have signed up so I can keep track of our, hopefully growing, team.  If you know of someone, or perhaps you are the person, who does not want to stroll, walk or run, we need a table watcher – so we can leave jackets etc on the team table.
I’ll send more info as I compile the list of team members and as the date gets closer.   I hope you’ll be on the team – we have a great time!
Rev. Anne G. Huey
October 18, 2014 at 9:00am - 1pm
Lehigh Parkway
Rev. Anne Huey ·