Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center provides a vibrant, inclusive space in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley for all of the region's LGBTQ+ residents. We produce world-class, life-enriching LGBTQ+ culture and community-building programs. We develop leading-edge LGBTQ+ health programs. We offer LGBTQ+ youth programs every day after school. We ensure that the critical supportive services of our community are met. We advocate for our community. We organize our region's annual Pride festival -- and we make the Lehigh Valley more equitable through our Training Institute.

It is our mission to provide safe and celebratory spaces for our LGBTQ+ community. We stay informed of security needs through conversations with our sibling centers, community members, and public safety leaders. As of January 2023, we will begin admitting people to the building by request. This ensures the utmost safety of everyone in the building as we continue to offer unapologetically queer programming that celebrates our community and culture. While our doors may be locked, please know that they are always open to every member of our community. We are here for you and hope to continue seeing you here!

All visitors must wear masks. Click here for more information about our policies and the latest updates about COVID-19.