Next Level

[Image description: Background is translucently colored red, pink, blue, yellow, brown, and Black. The left side of the image features photographs of two individuals. The logo for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation is above them. Large white text on the right side reads "Next Level" and "New Course on Job Readiness, Financial Health and Wellness." Blue text in the lower left reads "Build Your Future."]

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is PROUD to partner with the Human Rights Campaign to offer Next Level courses on Job Readiness, Financial Health, and Wellness. These courses are for everyone. We are especially focusing on recruiting LGBTQ+ Black & Brown and Trans & Non-binary young adults ages 18 to 30. 

These courses are FREE; participants are PAID $500 ($50/ week)! Participants will meet weekly via Zoom for ten weeks from January 24 through April 3. The times and days of the week will be determined by group consensus. The courses will include resume writing, job application support, digital literacy, and financial and physical wellness. These courses will help you set goals and go to the Next Level!


After completing the short form, you'll be contacted by our Director of Programs, Kayla Simon (she/her), to schedule a brief 5 to 10-minute interview.

  • The purpose of this interview will be for you to understand the program's expectations better and to discuss if your participation has any barriers that need reducing, such as technology, transportation, or pursuit of a GED.

Don't wait to sign up; take advantage of this amazing opportunity today! Orientation will be on January 10, and we'll have more information coming soon!

Meet our Community Programs team: