Overview of Programs

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is dedicated to providing programming, outreach, and services to strengthen and support the region's LGBT community. Our enriching arts and culture programs increase community members' access to the arts, while also increasing the visibility of LGBT art and literature. Our health programs address barriers to care and promote health equity for all LGBT people. Our daily after-school youth program connects LGBT youth ages 14-21 with peers, a variety of health and social supports, and the tools to become their own advocates. Our community is united and celebrated by our pride programs throughout the year. Our research programs highlight the developing needs in the LGBT community and explore possible strategies for addressing them. Through our robust supportive services, we connect community members to essential health and legal services. Our community groups affirm and empower individuals coming together under a common identity or experience. The Training Institute connects a wide variety of professionals and parents to the information they need to effectively serve and support LGBT people. Lastly, our infoline serves as a trusted resource for anyone seeking information about how to access LGBT-affirming services in the Greater Lehigh Valley.  

For more information on the programs at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, please visit the following pages:

Cultural & Community-Building Groups

Supportive Services

Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive

Health Programs

Youth Programs

Pride Programs

Research Programs

The Training Institute


We host events throughout the year, check out our events page!

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