Overview of Health Programs

Recognized by the PA Office of Rural Health as the 2017 Rural Health Program of the Year

LGBT people have always needed to be our own healthcare advocates, and today is no different. Our community experiences health challenges at increased rates as a result of higher risk behaviors, which are caused in part by social and cultural experiences with discrimination, minority stress, and familial homophobia/transphobia. These higher risk behaviors lead to worsened health outcomes if we don't take our health into our own hands!

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center believes that LGBT people deserve health equity: the attainment of the highest levels of health and wellness available today. In that spirit, The Center develops leading-edge health promotion programs focused on eliminating health disparities related to tobacco, cancer, HIV and COVID-19 within the Lehigh Valley LGBT Community. We also provide critical on-site supportive services for the LGBT community. Lastly, we promote structural change that will lead to improved health and wellness for the LGBT community.

Our Health Programs and Supportive Services are informed by data, community need, and service gaps in the region.

Our Current Programs:

Measuring Our Health: Collecting valuable LGBT health data in the Lehigh Valley and across Pennsylvania

Tobacco Prevention & Cessation: Promoting smoke-free living in the LGBT community

COVID-19 Outreach & Education: Addressing the impacts of COVID-19 on the LGBT community

Promoting the Hepatitis A Vaccination: 'If you like the taste of peaches': campaign to promote Hep A Vaccinations for the LGBT community

Cervical Cancer Screenings: If you've got it, Pap it: promoting cervical cancer screenings for LGBT people assigned female at birth

Anal Cancer Screenings: That Ass Tho!: promoting anal cancer screenings for gay & bisexual men

Colorectal Cancer Screenings: Promoting colorectal cancer screenings for LGBT people aged 50 and above

Breast Cancer Screenings: A Mammogram Can Be A Lifesaver: promoting breast cancer screenings for all 

Ending Conversion Therapy: Protecting Lehigh Valley's LGBT youth from harmful and unscientific "Conversion Therapy"

Sexual Health & HIV Prevention: Free & non-judgy HIV/STI testing and access to free safer-sex materials

Our Health Programs & Supportive Services team:

  • Adrian Shanker, Executive Director
  • Katie Suppes, M.Ed., Director of Programs, Research, and Evaluation
  • Kimberly Levitt, MPH, Health Programs and Supportive Services Manager
  • Christina Graham Brasavage, MPH, Data and Evaluation Manager
  • Reilly Callahan, MA, Health Outreach and Supportive Services Coordinator
  • Gabby Hochfeld, Health Outreach Coordinator

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