Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 06:00 PM

    Reel Queer Film Series presents Lady Valor

    The Reel Queer Film Series at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center presents a free screening of Lady Valor on March 19th at 6:00pm. A talkback and dessert reception will follow. 

    This eloquent CNN documentary explores the courageous and very public transition of Kristin Beck, formerly Christopher, a decorated US Navy Seal who has challenged many peoples’ assumptions of how elite military commandos should be. We meet supportive advocates from her family and military community, as well as voices of opposition to her transition. Compelling footage of Beck’s SEAL unit training illustrates the multiple, near-suicidal operational risks Beck willingly performed when she was pre-transition and deeply unhappy.

    The film bears intimate witness to Beck’s pain in coming to terms with her identity while not only on active duty but also having a wife and two young sons—fragile relationships that remain largely uncertain.

    Lady Valor—structured as a road trip through Beck’s life as she pilots her motor home across the country—unflinchingly reveals both her indomitable spirit and her indisputable flaws. It is a journey that mirrors the lives of many people who have fought to embrace what they know to be true about themselves despite confining cultural pressures. With unflagging courage and compassion, Kristin Beck redefines social notions of heroism and devotes true service to her country in entirely new, surprising, and transcendent terms.

    Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB6Lbsz_Ejg


    This is a sober social event at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. No alcohol will be served.


    The Reel Queer Film Series is supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

  • Thursday, April 02, 2020 at 06:00 PM

    Author Talk: Pier Groups: Art and Sex Along the New York Waterfront


    The Library at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center and the Art Department at Cedar Crest College presents a book talk with Jonathan Weinberg, author of Pier Groups: Art and Sex Along the New York Waterfront

    The New York Times says Pier Groups is “An alluring homage to a time, a community, and a landscape that have long since vanished” and The Gay and Lesbian Review wrote that Pier Groups provides "a fascinating glimpse at a place and time that may be gone but which, thanks to Weinberg, will not be forgotten." 

    In 1970s New York City, the abandoned piers of the Hudson River became a site for extraordinary works of art and a popular place for nude sunbathing and anonymous sex. Jonathan Weinberg’s provocative book—part art history, part memoir—weaves interviews, documentary photographs, literary texts, artworks, and film stills to show how avant-garde practices competed and mingled with queer identities along the Manhattan waterfront.

    Artists as varied as Vito Acconci, Alvin Baltrop, Shelley Seccombe, and David Wojnarowicz made work in and about the fire-ravaged structures that only twenty years before had been at the center of the world’s busiest shipping port. At the same time, the fight for the rights of LGBT people, spurred by the 1969 Stonewall riots, was dramatically transforming the cultural and social landscape of New York City. Gay men suddenly felt free to sunbathe on the piers naked, cruise, and have sex in public. While artists collaborated to transform the buildings of Pier 34 into makeshift art studios and exhibition spaces, gay men were converting Pier 46 into what Delmas Howe calls an “arena for sexual theater.”

    Featuring one hundred exemplary works from the era and drawing from a rich variety of source material, interviews, and Weinberg’s personal experience, Pier Groups breaks new ground to look at the relationship of avant-garde art to resistant subcultures and radical sexuality.

    Author Jonathan Weinberg is the curator of the Maurice Sendak Foundation and teaches at the Yale School of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design. He is the author of Male Desire: The Homoerotic in American Art and Ambition and Love in Modern American Art. He is the lead curator for the touring exhibition Art After Stonewall, 1969–1989, organized by the Columbus Museum of Art to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

    Books will be for available for purchase and a book signing will follow the book talk.

    Library events at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center are sober-social events. Alcohol will not be present.


  • Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 06:00 PM

    Book Talk: The Queering of Corporate America


    The LGBT Library at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center and the LGBTQ Business Council of the Lehigh Valley Chamber presents a book talk with Carlos A. Ball, author of The Queering of Corporate America: How Big Business Went from LGBTQ Adversary to Ally on June 18, 2020 at 6pm.

    Carlos A. Ball is Distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School, in The Queering of Corporate America, Professor Ball tells the overlooked story of how LGBTQ activism aimed at corporations since the Stonewall riots helped turn them from enterprises either indifferent to or openly hostile toward sexual minorities and transgender individuals into reliable and powerful allies of the movement for queer equality. As a result of street protests and boycotts during the 1970s, AIDS activism directed at pharmaceutical companies in the 1980s, and the push for corporate nondiscrimination policies and domestic partnership benefits in the 1990s, LGBTQ activism changed big business’s understanding and treatment of the queer community. By the 2000s, corporations were frequently and vigorously promoting LGBTQ equality, both within their walls and in the public sphere. Large companies have been crucial allies in promoting marriage equality and opposing anti-LGBTQ regulations such as transgender bathroom laws.

    Professor Ball has authored or edited 11 books and 9 book chapters on LGBT rights, he also worked as a lawyer for the Legal Aid Society in New York City, and taught at the University of Illinois College of Law and Penn State School of Law.

    A book signing will follow the talk. Books will be available for purchase at the event.

    Book talks at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center are sober social events. No alcohol will be present.