PA LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment

Funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Pennsylvania LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment is a biannual survey conducted to evaluate health needs, health disparities, and barriers to care impacting LGBTQ+ Pennsylvanians. The PA LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment collects data on healthcare experiences, nutrition, exercise, tobacco use, drug and alcohol use, sexual health, mental health, and food and housing security. 

Since it was first piloted in 2015, the survey design and administration has been refined to engage a larger and more diverse pool of respondents. In 2020, more than 30 LGBTQ+ organizations across the state partnered to promote participation in the survey. As a result, more information than ever before is available to increase understanding of the experiences of LGBTQ+ Pennsylvanians living at every intersection of race, gender, age, and income level. This information has been disseminated to LGBTQ+ community leaders, public health professionals, healthcare providers, and policymakers to ensure that programs, practices, and policies that support LGBTQ+ health are implemented throughout the state of Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment


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To access a copy of the 2022 full report, click here.

Previous biannual Reports:

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